23 January 2011

Homemade bread: recipe no.1

I make bread at home once or twice per week. The taste and the texture have nothing to do with the commercial one. Besides, that lovely smell spreading all over the place is totally rewarding!

Today I prepared a simple and fast one, using one of those ready mix flour that you can find in some supermarkets. The one I used is from LIDL. I always add my own touch and this time I incorporated a mix of seeds (sesame, yellow and brown linseed, poppyseed and a bit of soy lecithin). According to the instructions the mix already has yeast. However, I add a little bit of fresh yeast because, based on previous experience, the result is much better.

- 500 gr mix flour
- Mix of seeds (20 gr each type)
- 10 gr fresh yeast
- 350 ml water

How to:
Disolve the yeast in the warm water. Mix with the flour and the seeds. Knead for some minutes (I use my KitchenAid, which helps a lot! )Two fermentations are needed, one hour each aprox. For the second one I use a banetton as it is very useful to keep the shape. Pre-heat the oven at 200 grades and introduce the bread for 50'. Ready to enjoy!
Making bread process:

Ingredients mixed
Bread after one hour rise fermentation
Second fermentation in the banetton
Bread raised after second fermentation
Bread ready to be introduced in the oven
The final result:
.... still warm

...right after the dinner... only half bread left


  1. Rocio en esta página no se puede entrar..que hambre! la trata de fresa tiene una pinta!!bueno todo!

  2. Ja, ja, ja, muchas gracias Mercedes!


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